"Gold has a price, Jade is priceless"

-Ancient Chinese Proverb

House of Jaedo

Jaedois the world leader in Premium Jade Fine Jewelry.

Brought to you by Jade Global Holdings Inc, a publicly traded U.S. company, we are excited to introduce this East/West partnership that creates never before available opportunities to purchase the world finest Jadeite and Nephrite Jewelry.

Incorporating generations of incredible craftsmanship and expert sourcing experience with the finest quality jade, gemstones and precious metals, we offer individual artisanal pieces of high jewelry that truly take your breath away… every time!

We understand that purchasing a piece of fine Jade, as with any fine jewelry, is a very personal experience. Like all of us, each piece of Jade is also distinctly different. We offer our jewelry with just that in mind. Jaedo jewelry is exquisite jewelry for those with truly discerning tastes.

Uniqueness is our priority in creating our beautifully distinctive fine pieces. Our desire is to support the joy of ownership of premium quality Jade. We believe in the natural esthetics of Jade, its boundless virtues and incredible investment value and want to share our passion with jewelry lovers everywhere.

Jade may also have more spiritual value than any other gem in the world. It is said that jade takes on the energy of its wearer and is a protective stone and will keep its wearer out of harm’s way.

In addition, jade is proclaimed to be the health, wealth and longevity stone that bestows the virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. No wonder it is more a more popular investment than diamonds or gold in many countries worldwide. In fact, premium jade sells for as much as, and sometimes way more than quality Diamonds in the USA and Asia.

Jade has been highly valued in Asian culture for thousands of years and until recently and with the exception of the antiquities and private collectors’ markets, other cultures have mostly overlooked jade’s collectability and investment value.  The recent global explosion in popularity of this beautiful and ancient gemstone is creating an increased demand for quality jade. However, the excitement of “Jade Fever” it is set against the reality of a decreasing supply of “premium” quality Jade. Premium quality jade will be getting even more expensive in the coming years, so now is a good time to purchase ‘investment grade” Jade Jewelry. Jaedo is forerunner in this marketplace, and we welcome your interest to further discussion in this regard.

Jaedo is your source of handcrafted high jewelry made with premium quality Imperial Jadeite or Nephrite. Carefully selected pieces of jade or other gems undergo rigorous evaluation by our expert jade buyers and eventually get chosen to be crafted and then presented to the world as piece of premier Jaedo fine high jewelry.

You can be assured that our pieces are truly unique because the interlocking microcrystals that form every piece of natural Jade ensures that no two pieces of jade are exactly the same. In addition, all Jaedo jewelry pieces are individually handmade and are truly “one-of-a-kind” works of artistic craftsmanship. We emphasize the choice of design being built around the personality of individual gems, accentuating prominent attributes and creating unique masterpiece, and always, one stone at a time.

By combining generations of genuine expertise, certification from a premier global testing facility and a genuine “buy-back” guarantee*, you can clearly see why Jaedo is the most trusted Jade brand in the world.

We want our breathtaking jewelry to be part of your life. We want to be there and share the joy of your significant life moments.

Whether it’s a birthday, an engagement, a wedding or any gift giving occasion …  even if you give to a loved one, just because – it’s always special, and deserves a unique and memorable gift!


What makes Jaedo different from any Jewelry in the world is that we will buy back any “Fine High Jewelry” piece at any time in the future for fair market value (third party appraised) minus a standard handling fee. What this means to you is that when we base the value on annual appreciation of “premium jade” in the past few years, your Jaedo jewelry may appreciate by 8-10% per year. Can any other gemstone of any kind claim that increase in actual value … probably not!


Once created, every custom piece in our “Fine High Jewelry” line carries a certification from the world’s largest and most trusted Gem Laboratory.

All other lines are also certified by a highly reputable and universally accepted USA based testing facility.


The House of Jaedo is 100% confident and proud of the fine quality of our pieces. We FULLY GURANTEE the workmanship and all material used in the creation of our products. Should damage occur that is resulting from a manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair the piece, at our discretion, FREE OF CHARGE… NO QUESTIONS ASKED.*

*Our IRONCLAD GUARANTEE does not include jewelry damaged by normal wear and tear or any abusive treatment of the piece in any manner, and does explicitly not include gemstone replacement.


In recent years collecting or investing in Jade has become much more mainstream. Jade trading that was once mostly practiced in Asian countries has spread to the Western world and jade is being recognized as not just an impressive fashion statement, but also for its investment and collectible values.

With this drastically increased popularity comes very unscrupulous business practices. “Pseudo Jades” (jade look-alikes) like Dyed Chalcedony, Dyed Calcite, Garnet, Green Polymers and several other authentic looking copycats are routinely sold and passed off by traders as top-quality Jade. It is also not uncommon for some scammers to claim low quality Nephrite Jade as high-quality Jadeite. Again, it is difficult for the less sophisticated jade buyer to know the difference, but if you can get a genuine authentication certificate, then you know you are getting a real piece of jade.

We urge anyone who purchases Jade jewelry of value to insist that a qualified authentication certificate be provided at the point of sale and that it is issued by a reputable testing laboratory and verifiable by phone or internet database.

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