Imperial Jade Platinum Faceted Ring



Combining ancient tradition with modern looks, this spectacular design brings it all together. The platinum and diamond ring seats a vivid and eye catching 1.8cm Imperial Jadeite Cabochon.

Our rings ae the talking point of many get-togethers, because a man who knows Jadeite is usually a pretty interesting guy. Ok, maybe we exaggerate … just a little! However, one thing is for sure. By wearing Jadeite, you are wearing a piece of history. Few gems can claim the ancient and rich history of Imperial Jadeite.

Thousands of years of culture and fervent belief in Jade’s virtues tells us the gems energy does reveal itself over time. It is said Jade delivers good health, wealth and longevity and protects the wearer.

Feel the magic!

This ring can be sized to fit your finger size. Note the size required when purchasing. Allow up to an additional ten working days for delivery due to re-sizing.