Imperial Jadeite Platinum and Diamond Necklace



If taking peoples breath away is something that excites you, then this sensational masterpiece will do just that. This piece is treasure, this piece is pure elegance, this piece is truly extraordinary.

The necklace features eight Platinum mounted Imperial (Emperor) Jadeite Cabochons each encrusted with an abundance of spectacular drilled diamonds. Seven of the Jadeite Cabochons measure 10-12mm in diameter and the feature gemstone measures 14mm.

Premium grade Jadeite is becoming increasingly rare, primarily due to decreasing availability. This piece is unusual in that the cabochons are almost identical in translucency and represent some the most vivid Jadeite specimens you will see today. Combing these unique gems with spectacular design elements and superior craftmanship, we have created a prized possession that will give great pleasure for generations.

Wearing such a truly exceptional and trendsetting piece clearly states your appreciation of fine Jadeite and a deep understanding of the attributes and blessings the Emperors Stone bestows.

This is an “investment grade” heirloom quality piece and is a “one-of- a- kind” creation backed by our JAEDO future buy-back program.